Team ID: 2016032 | Mini Challenge 2: The Problem Space

Team ID: 2016032


There’re a lot of design interfaces that are released every day. The Interfaces are designed universally for all users of all ages but they have yet to realize the unmet need of older people. There’re three categories that need to be considered for the elderly people; namely the visually challenged, computer illiterate elder people and older people having hearing difficulties. The needs are magnification on the interface, captioning/narration and subtitles. ?The reason why these needs are not well addressed is because the mindsets of the developers to come out with a universal interface for all ages with the mindset that all computer users are computer literates. While there’s a prove, in average less that 1% of the adults are computer literates in OECD countries [1]. ?This need confirms the existing stereotypes about older users because most of the older users have a very low adaptation rate on computers or interfaces mainly because they don’t have any sort of guidance on how to operate it.


[1] Bibliography: OECD (2013). OECD skills outlook 2013: First results from the survey of adult skills. Paris: Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD). In-line Citation: (OECD, 2013)

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Team ID: 2016032 | Mini Challenge 1: Contextual Diagram

Team ID: 2016032


Healthy Community address basic needs of life , mental well being and social engagement.

healthy ageing



Conclusion :

Healthy aging is all about concept that encompasses the mental, social and physical well being people in community. To achieve this, we need collaborative approach of policy makers, service provider, businesses, religious, individual and families.



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